Cereal Production, Storage and Trading in Central Eastern Ukraine

In Ukraine the Group operates a landbank of 46,000 hectares, under medium to long term rental agreements. 100% of the landbank is cropped annually.

To support its cereal operations and to supply third party storage services the group operates five elevators with a useable total capacity of 270,000 tonnes.

The Group operates its own marketing and trading arm “Trigon Export”. This business markets the Group’s cereals production and trades in third party grains. Trigon Export is also responsible for the procurement of all the Trigon Group’s seed, fertiliser, and pesticide requirements.

Milk Production in the St Petersburg region of Russia

250 kilometres South West of St Petersburg the group operates a 1000 milking cow business. The facilities, which have a capacity of 1200 cows, were built in 2008. The Group also owns 13,180 hectares of land in the region and today 2500 hectares are utilised for forage production.

Milk Production Estonia

Trigon Agri owns a 39.24% shareholding in the Trigon Dairy Farming Estonia business. The business has a herd of 3500 milking cows. Trigon Agri today has one appointed Director on the supervisory board.