Trigon Agri AS is an integrated soft commodities producer, storage provider and trader with operations in Ukraine, Russia and Estonia.
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Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Agricultural Production Statement

Trigon Agri is committed to operating the agricultural businesses under its control utilising environmentally and agronomically sustainable production methods. We recognise the need to honour the responsibilities we have with respect to the protecting the environmental and to the consumer by ensuring that the food we produce is both safe and of a high standard.

To achieve this commitment we ensure that all our agronomists and managers are fully trained with the most up to date technical information, to ensure that there is optimal use of seeds, fertilisers and pesticides so as to keep a sound balance between production and the environment. Our cultivation, field application, and harvesting philosophy, focuses on the minimal useage of energy thus minimising the groups carbon footprint. The crop rotations adopted are carefully planned to ensure no build-up of pests , diseases or weeds. We are highly water conscious and at all times look to preserve this most pressure resource. All waste materials are disposed of in an environmentally sensitive way so as to minimise pollution of our planet.

Trigon Agri will continue ensure that all its employees are fully conversant with the aims set out in this policy statement in order that all its activities are compliant and represent best practise.