Investor Relations

In this section investors can find financial reports, information on bonds and other financial information about Trigon Agri.
This section also provides further information about corporate governance applied to and followed by Trigon Agri.

Company presentation 1H 2016 results


Please see below the expected future reporting dates and indication to the time of the next Annual General Meeting.

Future Reporting Dates                                Expected date of issue

Interim Report 9m 2016                                    November 30, 2016

Interim Report 4Q 2016                                     February 28, 2017

Annual Report 2016                                           March 31, 2017

Annual General Meeting                                   April, 2017

Interim Report 1Q 2017                                     May 31, 2017

Interim Report 1H 2017                                     August 31, 2017

Please also refer to ‘Press’ section for updated information on Trigon Agri’s recent business and operational developments.

For any further questions please contact Trigon Agri investor relations at the following e-mail: [email protected]